Queen of the Palace - Internet Pageant

This internet pageant will be held annually, exclusively in MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT PALACE.  This pageant will name the "Queen of the Palace" who will virtually reign in this site.




1.  Each year, Miss Universe Pageant Palace will randomly select thirty (30) Miss Universe Titleholders (from 1952-Present).  They will be the candidates who will compete for the title.


2.  The Semi-Finalists (top ten), Finalists (top six) and the Magic Three will be chosen by the votes of the site visitors who wish to participate.  


3.  Each cut down (Ex: choosing of top ten) election will last for only twenty-seven (27) days.  


4.  To give chance to other Miss Universe Titleholders, the declared "Queen of the Palace" cannot anymore join future "Queen of the Palace" Searches, but the runners-up can still join.


5.  For the coming years, the schedule of each event will be posted!




It's the Moment of Truth!  Who will be the Queen of the Palace 2001?


Let's start by announcing the 2nd Runner-Up!








Queen of the Palace 2nd Runner-Up is . . .


Miss Universe 1973

Margarita Moran











And the Queen of the Palace 1st Runner-Up is . . .


Miss Universe 1993

Dayanara Torres

Puerto Rico









The Queen of the Palace 2001 is no other than . . . 


crown courtesy of Royalty Designs



Congratulations Gloria Diaz!


Thank you very much to all who voted!

Join us again next year for . . .


Queen of the Palace 2002!



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